London 6

6 Day racing is here to stay in the UK, Brits are becoming more Belgian-esque thanks to the likes of Brad and Cav raising the profile and drawing in the crowds.

This year the Manx duo of Cav and Kennaugh drew me in, Pete Kennaugh is one of my all-time favorite riders, he's an individual with old-school class.

Cavendish had great form, despite all the setbacks he's had to endure over the last year or so... but that's the thing with Cav, if he's knocked down 9 times he'll stand up 10, that's what I admire most about him. 

I watched the 6 Day with my dad, its something we do every year together, a trip to Lee Valley to watch a track series, It's interesting listening to him comparing the London event to the 6 day racing of the past over in Gent, his love for cycling is just as strong today as It was when he was a kid, I guess that's the beauty of it really. 

It was thrilling watching Cav/Kennaugh vs De Ketele/De Pauw battling out the 60 lap Derny race but even more impressive was Katie Archibald dominating the women's racing, truly deserving every win and the title of Rouleur Magazines day 5 Top Banana, awarded to the rider whose efforts deserve recognition, voted by the fans.

Last year my photos were lousy, shooting with the Yashica Mat on 400iso film really limits sports photography in the dark, this year wasn't any different...


Gareth Winter