Campagnolo x Colnago Chainset

I have always loved pantographing... especially the Colnago x Campagnolo chainsets mostly found on the Colnago Super and master, I also love a bit of drillum, but I’m not sure modern components can take the stress...

My Colnago C40 is so unique and iconic, a standard gruppo just wasn't to cut it. With a design background, I am drawn to clean, simple, elegant design, the logo soup of modern components and frames are too hectic for my taste, I wanted to strip this build back so the components don’t overpower the CMYK Ballerini paint scheme of the C40.

I mocked up a quick idea for the chainset and sent it over to @colecoatingsworkshop - who sanded back my carbon chainset and levers then applied decals and lacquered back over, the finish is immaculate and dare I say better than the factory finish... I used Nitromors on all the decals on alloy components including the chainrings, brake calipers, front derailleur, and bars.

I'm really pleased with the result, the Colnago looks elegant, the frame sings and for me its the perfect blend of old and new - a modern classic.

Gareth Winter