C40 ♥

De Ronde Van Vlaanderen is my favorite race of all time, I love the terrain, history, romance and brutality of the Parcours and Belgian cycling culture. I have always loved steel frame bikes, I grew up admiring my parents and grandparents bikes, believe me... dads garage is like a bike museum… Steel bikes have slender tubes connected by lugs, ornate braze-ons and details, they look like skeletons compared to today's aero molded framesets and deep section wheels.

Made famous by the cobbled stars of the 90's - Museeuw, Ballerini, and Tafi, the C40 has the slender aesthetic of a steel bike, with the performance benefits of carbon fiber, it really is the best of both worlds. Ernesto Colnago wanted to create a bike that was strong enough to withstand a spring classic war-zone with sprinters and breakaway artists attacking all day long, yet lightweight and able to dance up the Mountains with the grimpours.

This obsession took root, I found a NOS C40 and had to have it... Then I had to have a spare in case something happened to the previous one ;) It's not just the style that draws me in, the romance of riding these things gives me goose-pimples. Geek.

Colnago C40 mk3 with custom Colnago - Campagnolo Record Chainset by @ColeCoatingsWorkshop, custom Wheelset by @NobleWheels

Colnago C40 mk4 with diamond cutout stays. custom Wheelset by @NobleWheels


Gareth Winter