The Pain Cave

Progression takes commitment, as humans, we strive to see ourselves improve, I think that's why cycling is so addictive. Hard work floods us with satisfaction and motivation. Cycling can help you meditate and escape when things get tough, returning fresh headed and ready to face the problem.


Today I had a breakthrough moment, I was unable to complete the ergo session, HR maxed out, sweat pooling on the floor, legs brimming with lactic acid, I encouraged myself to carry on - my legs wouldn't listen. 

Sitting in a pool of cold sweat, I was disappointed with myself, I'd used up the cliche motivational quotes "If you're going through hell, keep going" blah, blah, blah... 

My emotions told me to get back on the Wattbike tomorrow and finish what I started, my mind intervened, I took two days off the bike, ate far too many calories and came back recovered, recruited and laid down a PB.

When you hit a low point, no matter how trivial, you need to refocus, recharge and come back fighting.

Fall down nine times and stand up ten.


TrainingGareth Winter