Festive 500

The Festive 500 has become a tradition, It started as something fun and social to do over the holidays but then we lost my grandfather 2 years ago, his birthday is the 28th December and he passed away on new years day. Grandad dedicated his life to cycling, the Festive 500 has now become my tribute to him, using the saddle time to reflect and think about my grandparents, the conversations I wish we'd had.

I spent this Christmas in Leicestershire near Gilmorton, the route of the Rapha Manchester to London ride takes you through the village, so I reversed the route and rode 220km from London to Leicestershire. L2L was tough, I forgot what riding for more than 4 hours feels like... In the winter I focus on strength and power - not endurance, I had my arse handed to me... a headwind for 8 hours.

During the eight days of the #Festive500 we saw all weather conditions, headwinds, crosswinds, rain, snow, ice and sleet, a real test of character, chapeau to everyone that completed. 


Gareth Winter