Liam Yates - the 5th Floor

17.02.18 - a perfect winter morning, the low sun casting long shadows, a clear sky, no wind and dry roads. Today I'm out riding with Liam Yates, I have my Yashica Mat TLR camera on my back to capture a few portraits. It's hard to take a bad shot of Liam, he carries his own unique, effortless style, confident but not arrogant, casually deliberate. 

Liam and I have a few things in common, we both grew up in a cycling family, Liam is the son of cycling legend - Sean Yates AKA 'The Animal', our fathers raced against each other as juniors.

My father (Steven Winter) always said Sean was an incredible time trialist, even from a young age. Sean went on to become National Road Race Champion, won stages of the Tour de France, Vuelta a España, Paris Nice, held the Yellow Jersey after stage 6 in 1994 etc, etc... My old man doesn't have a palmarès quite that impressive, but without him I wouldn't be a cyclist, so he's still my no.1 cycling hero.

The Yates legacy lives on, his Brother Jesse has just signed for team Wiggins and Liam has just joined the 5th Floor. Liam does things his own way, his two-wheeled journey started on a BMX, not what you'd expect when Sean's your father, but he has carried some serious bike handling skills over to the road, especially helpful with one of his passions - fixed gear criteriums.

I'm looking forward to watching Liam race this season, especially the Red Hook series. It's not just about racing though, he's an adventurist. I look forward to sharing the road, good coffee and future projects with Liam.



Gareth Winter