Us cyclists have the pick of the crop 🍓. The latest products and technology developed by the pro-peloton are readily available to us, so we can enjoy the fruits of their labour.

My training is simple, it has three pillars each with different requirements:

1. #Piano Back straight, hands on the keys (tops), recovery miles and social spins; classic kit, Alludens watch, retro bike, Persol sunnies, empty stomach. Brian Holm says "social rides are for hippies or Scientology idiots" (Ahhhh, so that's why I haven't been selected for the Wolf Pack 🐺🤦🏼‍♂️).

2. #everydayislegday Strength training in the gym. P.E. kit, occasionally lycra #sorrynotsorry, this attracts some odd looks from the leg day skipping 'gym bros' that strut around flexing like peacocks.

3. #FULLGAS! Lay it all on the road, chain-gangs, intervals, blocks, etc. Performance comes first. Fuelling effectively, bike maintained, performance kit and MOST importantly... the right frame of mind.

Kit plays one of the biggest roles in rider performance and comfort. Brands and manufacturers have a responsibility to:

1. Create products that perform at the highest level.

2. Are comfortable. Your mind can focus on suffering, not the little discomforts (that turn into excuses).

3. Look good. ‘Fake it to make it’, dressing above your station makes you feel good, and that creates a better performance, FACT.


I haven't been to Girona yet (but that’s OK). CHPT3’s ‘juicy’ new Girona Collection isn’t a postcard or souvenir kit, it’s a range of performance road apparel, born in the heartland of pro cycling.

In this series I helped create, David Millar explains all:

For me, CHPT3 Girona is truly the pick of the crop, perfect for hard training, long challenging days and events; addressing the above requirements in the following way:

1. Performance: The close fitting jersey hugs your body, the seams are all strategically placed, it doesn't boast to be 'aero' kit, but it certainly isn't slow. The fabrics have a feel of quality, you can sense the innovation and years of R&D from the mighty house of Castelli 🇮🇹 along with the direct input, feedback and testing by David Millar. 

2. Comfort. Bibs are the first major comfort concern. The CHPT3 GIRONA bibs have one of the comfiest chamois (or do we call it a pad these days?) I have ridden. On par with the Castelli Progetto X2, the 'Kiss' 💋chamois is a firm favourite in the pro peloton. Offering unparalleled support and protection for your ‘contact point’, there’s no sliding around on the saddle trying to find the 'sweet spot'. You can stay comfortably fixed in one position all day (I may yet become a father). 

3. Style. Girona's pro cycling scene has shaped the technical elements of the kit. Catalonian history, art, and culture have inspired the design. The collection is clean, refined and considered.

I love the ‘Climbing Ivy’ colourway, the red accents honour Girona’s Eiffel Bridge; its beauty even inspired one tourist to share these compelling words on Tripadvisor... "It's a red bridge"

To cyclists, the Eiffel Bridge is not 'just a red bridge', its the rendezvous to many an adventure or suffer-fest (so I'm told). I love how CHPT3 have built this ritual into the design.

Cycling hurts (that's why we love it), when you’re suffering, on your limit - every minor niggle or slight discomfort becomes amplified to UNBEARABLY AGONISING AND ANNOYING! 👹

CHPT3's quest to translate Millar's 18+ years of pro cycling experience into real-world application is making cycling more enjoyable, comfortable, and the cherry on top, stylish. 

Nice one guys, you nailed it.

Sorry if the fruity puns left a sour taste.


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