Gareth Winter

I make films that bring cycling fans closer to their heroes, I have worked with Team Sky, British Cycling and Team Wiggins. This year I will be focusing on the stories of up-and-coming riders, and unique individuals.  

As a Creative at Sky, I direct promo's and brand films, work with executives to help them communicate a pitch or big idea, connect and enthuse employees, shareholders and customers.

The Winter family have lived a life behind bars for three generations, this blog is my journey through cycling culture, sharing stories from the road.

I carry a Yashica Mat 120mm medium format camera everywhere. I love shooting portraits that capture the romance of cycling, exposed on film these images feel like moments in time.

The rulebook according to G (Gareth, not Geraint).

Rule 1

Find individuality in conformity.

Rule 2

Execute your style flawlessly across the board, kit, bike, position, demeanour, etiquette.

Rule 3

Your bike is an extension of you, customise accordingly. 

Rule 4

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, its your responsibility to help and guide new members.

Rule 5

Style and suffering go hand-in-hand.

Rule 6

Cycling is a way of life, not a leisure activity.

Rule 7

Be goal oriented, keep moving forward.